Justice Shouldn’t Have a Price Tag ... But It Does.

Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund: For over 500,000 low-income Wisconsin citizens, access to pro bono civil legal aid is a source of hope and of justice.

Pro bono civil legal aid is the dividing line between safety and domestic abuse, shelter and homelessness, and health and sickness.

Since its inception in 1997, Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund, Inc. has raised over $7.7 million for pro bono civil legal aid in Wisconsin. Your contribution will support access to critical social justice programs that offer hope to tens of thousands of Wisconsin citizens.


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“Justice for all” is a fundamental American value, yet hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin citizens cannot afford legal help. You can help today by giving generously.

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Questions concerning the Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund or our mission to fill the justice gap and meet the legal needs of the state’s low-income individuals and families?
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Who We Help

For people caught in the mire of our justice system that favors those who have legal representation, justice is fleeting. The organizations we support are their last hope.